Dragon City by Robin Hobb (Volume 3 of the Rain Wilds Chronicles)

As the dragons and their keepers grow restless and hungry, only the promise of flight and the ancient secrets of a dead city can save them from enemies without and within.

I really should have reread Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven before reading Dragon City, because I forgot so much! How did Selden end up a slave? What makes Tarman different from other liveships? What’s Tintaglia doing? Hobb didn’t do much to catch me up, which I do always appreciate–the book is free from burdensome exposition, but since I didn’t do my homework I was a little lost. However, the twists and turns in the plot were quite promising, and the book ends with a tantalizing tease set in Chalced, featuring a most intriguing princess (who’d be right at home with the Sand Snakes, it seems). Hope the next one is coming soon!

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