Do You Really Know About Books?

Last night’s work read was essentially Ian McEwan with a lesbian twist.lin

Dewey has a fun round up of links called “This and That” up at her blog today. Thanks to her, I wasted far too much time at Bibliofemme taking quizzes about books. I did pretty well on characters & first lines, but tanked when it came to questions about publishing history.

Also, I’ve added a new feature at the bottom of each post: click View Random Post to be taken to a random post from my blog. It uses a popularity ranking system that I only just implemented, so you’re more likely to see a recent post than one from my archive. If you want to show some love, check out some of my older posts & give them a chance to climb the ranks.

Also, if you click on any of the category links in the sidebar or check out the Archive page for an individual month, you’ll see which posts have been most popular in those sections.

3 thoughts on “Do You Really Know About Books?”

  1. Sorry I made you waste time!

    McEwan with a lesbian twist sounds like a hell of a good read!

    Cool new feature! I will have to try it out.

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