Divergent by Veronica Roth

In a world divided into five factions ruled by a defining character trait, a young woman risks excommunication if anyone discovers that she is Divergent–showing tendencies to more than one character trait.

I initially dismissed Divergent as part of the post-Hunger Games dystopian frenzy and assumed it wouldn’t grip me and enthrall me in quite the same way. I was dead wrong–I actually think Divergent is a better story than HG–at least so far. I felt way more invested in Tris’s dilemma because I didn’t really feel like anyone was protecting her the way that everyone seemed to protect Katniss.

I’m also much more interested in the world created here than in that of Panem because Veronica Roth makes the contrivance of the factions really, really work. This series is a keeper and I’m already reading book 2!

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