Culling My TBR Stack

I picked up a slew of galleys at BEA, and finally managed to get them to a manageable size. I’m really having trouble deciding what to read next, because they’re all so wonderfully enticing. Plus, my friend Shari lent me a Dave Duncan fantasy series that I’m dying to dive into. But War and Peace still rules my evenings–crossed the 400 page mark last night with Pierre’s initiation into the Freemasons. Fun stuff!

Last night’s second work read was the first in a new YA series that thankfully only mentioned one brand name.

4 thoughts on “Culling My TBR Stack”

  1. Here’s a secret: I started that whole survey thing to let other people choose what I read next because I have such a hard time deciding! This time, though, I think I messed up. The survey is leaning heavily towards Half of a Yellow Sun, but the library won’t let me renew On Chesil Beach or Luncheon of the Boating Party because people have requested those. Still, this is one of those “problems that aren’t a problem” because having too many book choices is really a privilege I shouldn’t complain about!

  2. Woo-Hoo!
    I got a shout-out! Watch out for those Elizabeth Moon Paksanarrion books, very engrossing but extremely unsatisfying ending in the third book IMHO.

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