Crossed Wires by Rosy Thornton

It started out as just another car insurance problem, but for call center worker Mina, the conversation with Peter just might turn wonderfully personal.

Crossed Wires is a sweet, gentle, tender book. The sole bit of edge is provided by Mina’s wayward teenage sister, but she spends most of her time offscreen (so to speak) where she can’t wreak too much havoc.

The romance between Mina and Peter unfolds quietly and organically. Author Rosy Thornton doesn’t try to make things too cutesy, which I liked. I was with the book until one plot point that felt a bit too contrived to me, since it mirrored something that had already happened in the story. However, the rest of Crossed Wires was so lovely that I couldn’t find it in me to hold it against the book.

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