Cooking For Mr. Latte by Amanda Hesser

A food writer tells her own love story through vignettes of the wonderful meals she had during her courtship and engagement with a man who nearly lost her by putting Equal in his latte.

Amanda Hesser is so charming! Cooking for Mr. Latte was both romantic and mouthwatering, filled with funny, honest, and delightful anecdotes about food, dining, relationships, and love. Each chapter offers recipes that seem accessible and sound absolutely delicious. You bet I will be making her Kadjemoula (North African Lamb and Beef Stew) once the fall weather hits–I plan to adapt it to my slow cooker. Oh yum.

2 thoughts on “Cooking For Mr. Latte by Amanda Hesser”

  1. What! No Posts!!
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    #1.) I’m a lifetime lover of mysteries, ever since at the age of maybe 8-Years old my mother handed me the first of 1 or 2-Dozen, Alfred Hitchcock paperback mystery-series short stories …not to mention, Rod Serling’s “Twilight Zone” on TV.

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    #3.) As a 21st-Century author my “Groove”, is to combine historically accurate but based on true situation stories, with a mystererious twist and while I’m at it, add a little modern C. S. I. into the fold just to lead up to, and wrap up the ending.

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  2. What is better than taking on your wife’s family, a half dozen ex-western outlaws, your own childhood atrocities, and not to mention …the mystery of, Billy the Kid. A real 1912 K.C. Murder mystery with a 21st century twist.
    ‘But even though it’s a book, your still obligated to keep up with the smoking mirrors and misty-like turns of events. No. 1-4241-1171-4

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