Close Reach by Jonathan Moore

Kelly and her husband Dean have sold everything to live at sea, but their dreams of repairing their broken marriage are shattered when their radio signal is jammed after hearing a terrifying cry for help and a battered fishing vessel comes alongside them–with no intention of helping.

Close Reach scared me to death, and I loved every minute of it. It’s a tightly crafted thriller set in a fabulously spooky world (in the middle of the ocean near the Drake Passage to Antarctica), and best of all, the author knows that keeping the action offscreen can be more horrifying than reveling in every detail.

On a side note, I read this recently published book shortly after listening to a This American Life episode called “Call for Help,” about the family in the middle of the ocean who had to be rescued when their toddler got sick. The two pieces make great companions to one another, and I was glad for this bit of serendipity.

Many thanks to Hydra for the review copy.

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