Charanavi by Masahiro Tsuromoto

How your birthday tells you who you are.

Charanavi is a Japanese book in translation and offers a fortune-telling system that relates your birthday to a type of animal. Based on my birthday, 11/4/1973, I am a “potential tanuki.” A tanuki is a sort of raccoon indigenous to Japan. Being a potential tanuki means that I am “genial and rather passive in nature, with a warm and gentle personality that is loved by everyone.”

Um, anyone who knows me in real life is LAUGHING at reading that. I am friendly enough, but I’m not passive about anything, and gentleness is a fruit of the Spirit that doesn’t often manifest in me. (Of course, my enneagram is 4, The Individualist, so I hate to be pigeonholed and if you say I’m one way, I’ll come up with ten reasons why you’re wrong.)

The book is adorably designed and a lot of fun to flip through. I think I’ll actually get a lot of use out of it as I’m crafting characters for my fiction writing. I’m very interested in human behavior and psychology and enjoy reading personality stuff.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the review, I’m glad you are having fun with the book. And I’m pretty jealous that you’re a tanuki! I think it’s the cutest one in the book!

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