Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford

Carter just can’t believe he’s still a virgin, but hopefully starting high school will change all that!

Carter Finally Gets It was really not for me. I am very sensitive now that I’m a mom and it was really hard to read about 13- and 14-year-old girls dressing like prostitutes. I just don’t want to read about children being sexually active as a comedy.

4 thoughts on “Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford”

  1. Sounds icky!

    Different topic—saw your review of Faith Like Potatoes in CT (which I rarely read anymore, but was glad I did this time). Thanks—I’m putting it on my Netflix queue.

  2. I think you’re looking past the point of this book. I am a soon to be freshman and like Carter, I’m scared out of my mind. what some may not realize is that people DO go this kind of crap and girls sometimes do dress like prostitutes. and finally some people (including me) do find these stories to be funny but underneath all that there will be consequences to our actions, weather we like it or not we just have do show true grit, determination and dedication to get what we want in life and i believe that in this book Carter shows the hardships of life as a teenager and how much it can suck having to live through all the breakups and beatdowns.

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