Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

I have had too much to read these days, and my brain is losing its ability to absorb what I’m reading. I’m hitting a saturation point and I can’t absorb Room with a View, which I’m reading for pleasure. This is obviously very depressing to me. All the little words are like grains of couscous spilled out on the counter. They’re everywhere, I can’t get them all in one place, and they’re useless for making anything from them.

So what’s the cure? A loooooooooooong genre book. EM Forster is just too lovely and precious for my overstuffed brain. It’s not fair to Miss Honeychurch, who I know I could fall in love with if I wasn’t so oversaturated.

This post is going up in honor of an advance reader’s copy I got from a producer friend of mine, to see if I think it could be a movie. I’m mulling it over. It’s in the vein of Midwives and Deep End of the Ocean, and the storyline has a not-so-fresh feeling. However, there’s something compelling to me about it. I’m thinking parallel narratives, using an intricate flashback structure. We’ll see…

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