Books vs. Movies (Booking Through Thursday)

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Books and films both tell stories, but what we want from a book can be different from what we want from a movie. Is this true for you? If so, what’s the difference between a book and a movie?

So many great answers! For me, when I see a movie I want to be swept away with sounds and images and emotions. I love big epics and musicals for this reason. When I read, I want to get lost inside the skin of another person. Movies tend not to excel in this sort of thing, but it is possible–The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Morvern Callar come to mind.

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  1. It’s true that one can get swept away with a movie, but I find it altogether too passive. I can forget about a good movie fairly quickly. A good book, however, lingers with me long after it’s been read. Because a book can delve into more internal issues, an author is far more effective at getting into my head than a bunch of moving pictures.

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