Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb (Rain Wilds Chronicles)

The fourth and final book in the story of the return of dragons to the world, and how they change humans for better and for worse.

Robin Hobb is one of my very favorite authors and I really wish I had done my due diligence and re-read the first 3 books in this series (as well as brushed up on the Liveship Traders series) before reading Blood of Dragons. I really love the world she created here but I didn’t connect with any of the characters the way I connected with Althea and Malta in the Liveship Traders series. I also felt like this final book rushed through some of the most suspenseful moments. For example, Rapskal came into his own as a fearsome threat, but then his storyline was pretty neatly resolved. I am just not sure that I feel satisfied with this particular endgame for the world I’ve been following for 13 books and several short stories. The mystery and darkness that has pervaded the books felt neutered, somehow. I don’t know, I guess perhaps I’m hoping that she’s not done writing books in this world!

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