Before We Get Started by Bret Lott

An author’s memoir of the writing life.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of having my work ripped to shreds at a workshop led by Bret Lott. I say “pleasure” because (a) he was right, and (b) he made it fun. I knew from reading Before We Get Started that I’d respect his opinion, but what I didn’t know was that I’d enjoy the time as much as I did

My favorite takeaway from Lott’s book is that art that endures has some element of cheesiness. That is to say, it is not afraid to love with abandon. There’s something embarrassing and uncool about such naked passion, but it’s love, not irony, that is the universal human emotion.

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  1. Jewel was the first book I read after I got to Korea. Jet-lag, culture shock, a voice inside my head screaming: “What HAVE you DONE?” Then I found a copy of Jewel and read it quickly in about 2 sittings. After that, I was OK. I’ll always be grateful to Brett Lott for getting me through those first shaky days as an expat.

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