Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb (The Farseer Trilogy, Book 3)

The bastard son of a dead king goes on a quest to find his missing uncle, gone to rouse the mythical Elderlings and save the Six Duchies from the fearsome Red Ship Raiders.

Assassin’s Quest reminded me why I fell in love with Robin Hobb. Despite some of the missteps in overly broad characterizations, I was swept away by the epic storytelling. I really got tired of the narrator of the audio version, and I have to say I’m a bit relieved that the Tawny Man trilogy isn’t available in audio form. I am excited to reread those stories as well, as well as revisit the Liveship Traders, which I have begun in audio form–and again, not crazy about the narrator. So we’ll see if I make it through. I’m a bit curious to see what it’s like to listen to Liveship Traders while reading the Tawny Man, since the former series precedes the latter in time, but the latter doesn’t offer too many spoilers. And since my readings of Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven are so recent, I wonder how fresh the Liveship Traders will feel.

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