As It Is On Earth by Peter M. Wheelwright

A lost professor muses on the mess he’s made of his life and his inability to shake himself free from the burdens of family, tradition, and history.

As It Is On Earth is a stunningly well-written novel. Comparisons to Walker Percy are more than apt, they’re jump-with-joy appropriate. Who writes like this? I’m just not used to seeing this level of thoughtfulness, depth, poetry, and philosophy in books anymore. Plus it’s weird and funny and bawdy and depressing and bizarre and twisted. It doesn’t have a plot you can easily describe, but neither does Marilynne Robinson so who cares. I really just want you to read this one (after you finish The Devil in Silver, please) because it’s good for you and you’ll like it and you deserve an encounter with greatness.

Many thanks to Fomite for the review copy.

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