Agent Cooper, Nancy Drew and More from the Problogger Group Writing Project

Last night’s work read made The Time Traveler’s Wife look like chick lit.

Here are the rest of the posts I’ve enjoyed from the Problogger Group Writing Project. You can find the complete list here.

5 Worst Things They Do in Movie Sequels
Very good insights. My favorite:

Some movies just shouldn’t have a sequel at all, really, whether or not the audience clamors for one. Sometimes it’s better to just leave it to the imagination. Sometimes that’s what makes an awesome movie be more awesome.

5 Elements of My Writer’s Sanctuary
This self-described “Marxist horror writer” gives his essentials for his writer’s space. I don’t listen to music when I write, nor does my office have a door, but I second the need for a laser printer!

Top 5 Greatest Collaborative Renderings Of A Fictional Male Character In Movies or TV
Todd is one of my favorite bloggers (and a darn good Scrabble player, too). This list simply rocks, from the idea to the selections.

Separated at Birth: Top 5 Song Mashups
I am a huge fan of the Zoom In blog for media stuff, and I think Megan is an amazing music blogger. This list will give you a sample of her eclectic taste in music, as well as her fabulous writing abilities…

Top 5 Applications Every Gamer Should Have
Now, I realize that this is very off-topic for Superfast Reader, and I should say that I’m not a videogamer at all. But you can take my word for it that Mike really knows what he’s talking about–I will personally vouch for his expertise.

Nancy Drew, 5 Reasons Your Mom, Sister, Wife, & Daughter Want to be Her
Is it wrong of me to admit I kind of want to see the movie?

My Favorite Standby Knitting Projects
I love to knit. Apparently Elizabeth Zimmerman could knit and read, but she could also make a sweater and matching afghan in under an hour so I’m not going to aim too high.

Top Five Author Blogs
I’m not a big fan of any of these authors, though I like some of them, but if you check my sidebar you will see which author sites I recommend.

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  1. Hey Annie! Thanks for the link to the top 5 collaborative character renderings 🙂 and for your kind words about me!! We do need a scrabble re-match (this will be #3, no?) we’ll do that soon.

    You da best!

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