Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer (Southern Reach Trilogy)

In the conclusion to the Southern Reach trilogy, the answers to the mysterious area known only as Area X may be revealed to Ghost Bird, Control, and someone with a deep connection to the enigmatic lighthouse keeper.

I read Acceptance about as avidly as I read the first two books in the series, making sure to read slowly so as not to miss any of the small pebbles and stones constructing the majestic stone wall that is the Southern Reach Trilogy. He knows that the key to any series is ending well. He doesn’t rush to reveal his answers, manipulating the reader every glorious step of the way.

The book goes deep into the backstory of two key characters. I won’t reveal who they are, because spoilers, but they change the game completely. Or, rather, they finally let us in on the true nature of the game. This story is like the Saturday crossword, hovering in the air above your head until the pieces start clicking into place. The last corner seems like it’ll never fall, but eventually it does, and after the satisfaction comes a fervent desire to go back over the whole thing and discover the rightness of each clue.

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