A Ray Bradbury Limerick

I was one of the prize donors for Dewey’s recent Read-a-Thon. I offered 2 Bookmooch points–one for the winner, and one to be given to the Bookmooch charity of the winner’s choosing.

The winner was Debi with a limerick about Ray Bradbury’s Halloween Tree:

Tom Skelton and friends took quite a trip,
Through space and time, they did fly and flip,
Learning much about night,
And things that cause fright,
And in the end, they saved their friend Pip.

Since Debi is not a Bookmoocher, she graciously asked me to give both points away, and even let me pick the charity! I chose Not Forgotten Ministries from among the Children & Mothers charities.

Congratulations to all who read up a storm!

4 thoughts on “A Ray Bradbury Limerick”

  1. Thanks for donating those points! I bet Debi was too tired to even think of which charity she wanted to donate her points to. But you picked a great one!

  2. I love your blog. I love reading. I am, unfortunately, a superslow reader. But I do read. Every day. I found the most excellent public library here in London, and it’s one of my favorite haunts. Thanks for your blog and for all your great suggestions. We appreciate it.

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