7 Random Book Facts about Me

I was tagged by Sally for this meme. Basically we’re listing 7 random book-related facts about ourselves.

1. I give books away all the time, and never expect anyone to return a book I’ve loaned to them. Of course, when it’s a loan I do hope that the books come back to me, but I never sweat it if they don’t.

2. I always return books that I borrow in a timely fashion. I have stopped borrowing books from friends because my TBR stack is so crazy big that I would have to keep their books longer than makes me comfortable.

3. I used to be pretty good in French and read “Les Jeux Sont Fait” by Jean-Paul Sartre in the original French when I was 17. I can’t remember a thing about it now.

4. I rarely blog about the parenting books I read because I worry that I will alienate readers who have different opinions about parenting than I do. I see so much divisiveness over parenting issues and don’t want to bring them here.

5. In addition to books, I read cookbooks and magazines. I read The New Yorker, New York Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly every week. Monthly/bi-monthly I read Touchstone, Cook’s Illustrated, and the free issues of Cookie, Parenting, and Wonder Time that I got just by having a baby. I’m not renewing any of those subscriptions. In the past, I would always get a trashy women’s magazine and a Vanity Fair whenever I flew somewhere.

6. Superfast Husband is not much of a reader. He is very smart and when he does read, he reads challenging stuff, but he doesn’t need to read every day. I always thought I’d end up with another book nerd, but it doesn’t really bother me because I like lots of other things about him that he wouldn’t have time to do if he was reading like me.

7. It took having a baby for me to have a day without reading.

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